Wet Glue


In wet glue, Grapelabels has a carefully composed selection of machines at its disposal, so that we can take care of a comprehensive wet glue package for you. The wet glue production device (Cut and Stack) at Grapelabels is fully automated.


Whether you need current materials or highly exclusive hand-made paper, Grapelabels can offer you the whole range. Our extensive production machinery enables us to provide large volumes at highly competitive prices to you rapidly, and thanks to our flexibility this goes for smaller orders as well.


Grapelabels can also relieve you of stock management: via your online ordering system it can have your orders called in time for your various bottling batches. Grapelabels already takes care of this for a number of national and international parties.

Grapelabels is specialised in the production of self-adhesive wine and spirits labels on rolls. If you want to know what else Grapelabels can do for your wine, please contact our specialists.